What is the Mother Baby Clinic?

The Mother Baby Clinic is a specialised service providing expertise in breastfeeding issues, maternal health, sleep and settling problems and infant issues such as tongue tie, colic, reflux, poor weigh gain, irritability or allergy.

Appointment Times

Mother Baby Clinic appointments are much longer than standard general practice appointments so it is essential that you ask for a Mother Baby Clinic appointment when booking. Be prepared to be at the practice for up to an hour.

If you are a new patient please arrive 15 minutes earlier than your appointment time to allow for paperwork.

The Mother Baby Clinic runs on Wednesdays with Dr Moira McCaul and Ms Trenna Moore.
A Thursday morning clinic runs with Dr Julia Chan and Ms Trenna Moore.

What to Expect

At your appointment you and your baby will be assessed by a doctor with expertise in Breastfeeding Medicine, child health and postnatal health care, and a midwife lactation and sleep consultant. If necessary a breastfeed will be observed.  Evidence based advice and a detailed treatment plan individualised to the needs of you and your family will be developed.

More information

Please call the practice to speak to reception, or go to:
Mother and Baby Clinic Facebook page