Allergy Clinic

There is now an allergy service available at Adelaide Health Care.
Dr Moira McCaul is a GP with a special interest in allergy. She has completed a postgraduate qualification in Allergic Disorders through the University of Western Sydney and is happy to see Children or Adults experiencing difficulties with allergies. Skin Prick Testing and blood testing for allergies will be offered when necessary. Oral immunotherapy for treatment of some allergies can be offered.
Please carefully check the information below to see if one of these appointments would be suitable for you:

You may be suitable for these appointments if you have:

  • Hay fever not responding well to usual treatments.
  • Asthma where there may be a significant allergic trigger (you may also have hay fever)
  • Hard to manage eczema or eczema where there is a suspicion of food allergies.
  • A history of a possible allergic reaction.
  • Suspicion of any food allergy in a child or adult.
  • Concern in pregnancy or early childhood or any time when there is a strong family history of allergic disorders and you want to discuss prevention.

If you are unsure if an Allergy appointment would be useful, please discuss this with your usual GP.

These appointments are not suitable for you if:

  • You are already under the care of a specialist Allergist (including public hospital allergy care)
  • You have experienced allergies with anaphylaxis (you should be under the care of a specialist Allergist)
  • You have multiple or complex food allergies
  • You have suspected or confirmed food allergies and severe asthma (you should be under the care of a specialist Allergist)
  • You have  a history of  allergy to an antibiotic or another drug allergy ( you need to be under the care of a specialist Allergist).
  • You have bee or wasp sting allergy ( treatment of this requires the care of  a specialist Allergist).


An initial appointment will cost $211.35 with an out of pocket cost of $102.50.

If you hold a Health Care Card the cost will be $175.80 with an out of pocket cost of $66.95.

Skin prick testing if done is an extra cost of $75.55 with an out of pocket cost of $41.90.